Sunday, February 19, 2012

The South Coast of Sri Lanka - Kitesurfing Mirissa!

The South Coast of Sri Lanka is beautiful to kite on during the season. The seas are clean and clear, you get waves... but the scenery while kitesurfing, thats what blows you away. Rock formations, bays and coves and the coconut trees confirm that fact that you are kiting in a tropical country.
Jonathan's illustration of Kiting in Paradise

Most of the time, you will be kiting by yourself. Its pretty special. If you need an audience, an audience you will get. People are amazed at this new sport and usually just flock to witness these 'parachute men' in action.
Wind, gearing up.

The week saw traveller/ kiter Jonathan ( and girlfriend Kita arrive in Sri Lanka for the sport. Kiters are a fun bunch. These two were no exception. Fellow fish sign Jonathan has an awesome job teaching people to draw spaceships and monsters! Yes spaceships, ah, amazing!
Kitesurfing Sri Lanka likes to wish Tanja aka Tania from Free Your Mind Kitesurfing a very Happy Birthday tomorrow. Hope you will have a blast in Sunny Sri Lanka tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Do you know if there's any kitesurfing school (for beginners) in the south coast of sri lanka ?
I've found the Kalpytya lagoon but I'm staying on the south coast.
Thanks for the help.