Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mawfeel Khan - Sri Lanks' Rad Kiter

Growing up on the Kapalady Lagoon in Sri Lanka, Mawfeer lived in a palm leaf hut, his father a fisherman, his family very poor. That all changed when kiteboarding entered his life.
Due to the civil war, there was no tourism in the region — until a couple of foreign kiters began sessioning the lagoon. Given the incredible conditions, they returned regularly. Fascinated, Mawfeer would always watch from afar. Something ignited within him. One day he built his own kite out of a broken umbrella and fishing line, along with a board he made out of cardboard. Disheartened after the rig didn’t work, Mawfeer threw it all away in frustration.

Even though he couldn’t speak English, soon after Mawfeer courageously approached the kiters. They ended up showing him how to assist in launching, landing, and rigging —eventually teaching him how to kite. Before long, the group started the first kiteboarding camp in Sri Lanka, where Mawfeer began working in the kitchen. Since then Mawfeer has built his family a house, pays for his little brother to go to school in Colombo (Sri Lanka’s capital city), and he is a certified IKO instructor at Kitesurfing Lanka in Kalpitya.

While Mawfeer has a big heart, also absolutely kills it on the water. Having ridden and tested ZIAN kites since the beginning, he has developed a unique, high-energy style. Influenced and inspired by the countless kiters that flock to Sri Lanka for long seasons of 24-hour wind, Mawfeer’s riding is raw, fearless and creative, combining and adapting tricks into a seamless dance that regularly leaves bystanders speechless.

Text from Zian Kiteboarding Australia.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sri Lanka Kite Elements

ELEMENTS from Antoine Clerc on Vimeo.
ELEMENTS from Antoine Clerc The new video of our Sri Lankan trip is ON ! THANKS TO; North Kiteboarding, ION, tshOtsh Kiteboarding Apparel, Tingerlaat - Save Your Skin & ZephControl ! RIDERS; Clio Mouchel, Antoine Clerc, Thomas Martinot-Lagarde, Laurent Sublet, Mélanie Volatron, Thomas Boucher, Ingrosso Fabio MUSIC; Fakear - Neptune

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On Bedycasa - Kitesurfing Lanka

My name is Dilsiri Welikala and I have been blessed with the reality of being able to live my dream – a chilled out hotel by the India Ocean with a lot of activities.
KSL Atmosphere & People FOR Screen-2
I was working in the Corporate Sector for 7 years but always knew that my passion lay in the ocean and activities concerning it.

The sport of Kitesurfing is very popular in Sri Lanka now. I was one of the first Sri Lankan’s  to embrace the sport and discovered a number of spots. Soon kitesurfing became a passion of mine leading to the eventuality of me leaving my secure job to start Kitesurfing Lankawith my fellow Kiter Friend and business partner Leo Moret.

I am passionate about people, sport and the environment. Kalpitiya is a hotspot of nature with the largest Coral Reef in Sri Lanka, Largest Lagoon and one of the Largest Nationals Parks in Sri Lanka all situated close to each other.

_MG_7862Kitesurfing Lanka’s ethos is that while we run a successful business, its our duty to ensure that as much as we develop that the lives of those working with us as well as the local communities develop. We have have a great relationship with the local village and you see people full of smiles.

We have an amazing staff with different personalities and traits. Rajitha is an Artist, Tilak a former Adventurer and Kayaker, some are crazy about Kitesurfing, while others music. You will really get a glimpse of Sri Lanka and its awesome Culture.

For an added experience, we also visit the local schools a lot, teaching English and assisting it the development of kids through sport. We always encourage our guests to bring old toys, books and games for the these schools which really don’t have much.

Dil goes forward-10
Apart from Kitesurfing, we also have activities like Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), Kayaking, Diving and Snorkeling and Whales, Dolphins. We can organize excursions to the National Parks and Ancient Cities.

Its pretty laid back here and you will love the open spaces in this former coconut estate by the lagoon and ocean. An evening stroll on the beach will leave you in awe when you see the amazing sunsets and dialogues with the local fishermen would really give you a view of rural Sri Lanka.

I welcome you to Kitesurfing Lanka. I know you will be not only blessed with an awesome experience but come to know some awesome friends.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tour du Monde at Kitesurfing Lanka

Tour du Monde visits Sri Lanka's best small scale places of interest. Kitesurfing Lanka is one of them. Found at 3.15

Kite Trips, Wave Riding in Sri Lanka

TRIP to Kitesurfing Lanka 2014 from Kitesurfing Lanka on Vimeo.

Sri Lanka, the paradise kitesurfing If you like kite surfing and looking for an exotic destination or to learn kitesurfing, Sri Lanka is the place to go !! Dilsiri and Leo: kitesurfing teachers, graduates of the Organization International Kitesurfing (IKO) will be happy to welcome you in the camp and kite school. They will mentor you in your progress, will guide you through extraordinary kitetrips, or to schedule your time on the rest of the island. Our structure is located on the North West coast of Sri Lanka, on the peninsula of Kalpitiya, 2 hours from Colombo. International Airport with more than a dozen spots around the camp, you'll be in heaven kite. The spots are sparsely populated, mostly virgins. From May to October the wind is seamless with an average of 18-20 knots (minimum 13 knots up to 30 knots), 24/24, 7/7, the conditions are all simply exceptional. we have a second season from December to March with an average of 4-5 days a week of wind, the wind gets up the after noon between 15 and 20 knots. This season is not as sales from May to October but offer other activitees like to see the whales and dolphins make the plunge, make kayaking trips. Watch our second web to see in detail the activitees we provide site On one side of the peninsula there is the Indian Ocean, ideal for freeride or for fun in the waves; on the other side: the Kalpitiya lagoon is perfect for beginners and freestylers. The huge lagoon Puttalam has a multitude of amazing spots, some dishes like a mirror when it blows 25 knots. We organize superb downwind and campsites on the islands of the lagoon. Everyone will find their rider from beginner to the more extreme. The kite trips are organized every week and can be scheduled for a period of one day to one week. We offer accommodations facing the Indian Ocean for all types of budgets: the tent private bungalow. All our accommodations are new and meet a European standard with an exotic touch. As you can see from the pictures on our site, you will not have to travel far to go kiting, you'll just have to get out of your bungalow and inflate your kite. We cook delicious food: fruits and vegetables from the surrounding villages ; fish, crabs, shrimp caught that night. We specialize in local cuisine (curry rice in a thousand ways) and the French cuisine: roast chicken, potatoes au gratin, beef fillets marinated fish and seafood from the sea. , we can arrange transportation from the airport . to your accommodation We are part of the first kite surfing on the island, we know the kite spots in Sri Lanka as a person. Video:

Monday, July 14, 2014

Kitesurfing Lanka - 2014 season and beyond!

12 bungalows with attached washrooms, 10 tented units with common washrooms, a huge dinning area, kitchen, 2 chilll out areas and lots of good vibes!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Kalpitiya Kite Season is on

Amine does the Jesus Walk 3.34. So cool!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Another nice snipet of the Kitesurfing scene in Sri Lanka. The shots are from small lagoon where it all started. Make sure to visit in 2014 -

Friday, May 9, 2014

Hero to SUPERHERO with Kite Coaching

COACHING clinics really help take you to the next level in our Kiting. My first experience was last year with Nico and what a lot of progress I made in just 1 week! This year Kitesurfing Lanka will have Brice who has lots of experience with coaching. 

Brice is a certified instructor in sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing (Brevet d’Etat), and opinion leader for 4 years for various brands (Naish : windsurfing in 2006 and Slingshot: Kiteboarding since 2010).

With an experience of over 10 years in the yachting around the world  including 5 years in the kite (Club Med., UCPA, private schools),  Brice’s experience and aptitude will certainly help you take your Kitesurfing to a new level.
Offers and prices
FormulasPrices/ persDescriptions
The Week Pack *
THE formula for progress safely and live unforgettable kite trips on exceptional spots!* training confirmed after 4 inscriptions.
8 people per training maximum

550€The Week Pack, it’s:
  • Assessment of your level and setting your goals for the week
  • 5 days of personalized coaching or 25h at your side.
  • A minimum of 3 videotaped sessions
  • Demonstrations tailored to your needs
  • Briefings and daily debriefing (notes Brice and videos)
  • A kite trip on “Dream Spot”
  • A kite trip of two days with night, on a deserted island (“Secret Spot”).
  • Educational workshops
  • A day of free navigation (not counted in the 25 hours of coaching)
  • The end of course assessment to evaluate your progress
  • The delivery of your personalized  book progression
The 3 Days Pack*
A period of intensive coaching on the spot “Big Lagoon” of Kalpitiya.One single watchword: navigation his work while having fun.* Collective Internship: minimum 2 persons registered
450€The 3 Days Pack, it’s:
  • Assessment of your level and setting your goals for 3 days
  • 3 days of personalized coaching or 15h at your side
  • 2 videotaped sessions
  • Demonstrations tailored to your needs
  • Briefings and daily debriefing (notes Brice and videos)
  • An educational workshop
The Day Pack*
A big day coaching permit work and achieve one or more of your goals.* Collective Internship: minimum 2 persons registered
210€The Day Pack, it’s :
  • Assessment of your level and setting your goals for the day
  • A day of personal coaching, or 5h lessons
  • A videotaped session
  • Demos tailored to your needs
  • A briefing and debriefing with video support
The Half Day Pack – morning*
The ideal pack for a discovery of coaching.* Collective Internship: minimum 2 persons registered

150€The Half Day Pack – morning, it’s:
  • A morning of coaching or 3 hours during
  • Videotaped session
  • Demonstrations tailored to your needs
  • A briefing and debriefing with video support
The Half Day Pack – Afternoon*
The ideal pack for a discovery of coaching.* Collective Internship: minimum 2 persons registered
100€The Half Day Pack – afternoon, it’s:
  • An afternoon of coaching or 2 hours during
  • Videotaped session
  • Demonstrations tailored to your needs
  • A briefing and debriefing with video support
Private Coaching
A coach at your disposal to meet your needs, progress quickly and safely
90€/ hourPLUS of Private Coaching, it’s:
  • A flexible schedule tailored to your needs
  • Lessons conducted in “head to head” with your coach
  • A coaching is 100% tailored to your goals, so a progression faster and more efficient