Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Casey & Scot Zero to Hero Experience in Sri Lanka

I came to sri lanka in December a newbie to the kitesurfing scene and started to learn on boxing day, at first I was nervous starting a new sport but so excited at the same time,  with Dilsiri, Mishi and Miram input and intense lessons I was up on the board on my third day, I had all there best tips and they have pushed me since the day I have got here! With the great conditions of wind 6 days out of 7 and  huge flat lagoon that's not overcrowded I have progressed each day. On day 5 I learnt the technique of riding upwind and downwind correctly  by carving my board  to the direction I want to go and having the right body position.  Day 8 I learnt 2 different ways of turning which made my experience so much better, I was then able to keep riding all day without falling in the water time after time.  I was then on day 10 riding toe side  and by day 16 I am now starting jumping!! Thank Dilsiri for truly giving me the kitesurfing bug I eat sleep and breath kiting! I will be back very soon!

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