Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why Kalpitiya? It’s Pretty Simple.

  1. Amazingly Fresh Seafood – Lobsters, Crabs, Prawns
  2. Calm seas with little or no current near the hotel
  3. Empty beaches with only the innocent fishermen
  4. Largest Coral Reef in Sri Lanka
  5. No light pollution – You actually see the stars at night!
  6. Options of exploring the Lagoons and Sea by boat
  7. Pretty innocent and genuine people, no touts no mass tourism
  8. Sports such as Diving, Kayaking, Kitesurfing, Snorkeling
  9. Sunset Strolls on the Beach collecting shells
  10. Swim with the plankton at night
  11. Three hours in a car from Colombo
  12. Wild Life – Whales, Dolphins, Turtles, Birds and even Sea Horses if you can find them! Oh and lots and lot of fish and Donkeys!
  13. You can also go to Anuradhapura and Wilpathu National Park as part of a bigger journey.
Silly things people ask me J

Is it dangerous? No it isn’t.
Are the roads good? Yes they are.
Is it like 7 hours drive from Colombo? No, just 3.5 if you come by car at a leisurely pace.
Are there shops? Yes there are shops.
Can we buy pizza? Believe it or not, my chef can make you pizza!
Can I do a weekend thing? Yes you can. You’ll have ample time to enjoy!

Now tell us what makes Kalpitiya special for you? 

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