Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Project: Uplift Environmentalist in Kalpitiya (Rs. 1000 X 150 friends)

There is a fishermen in Kalpitiya. To me he is an amazing person. He is an environmentalist. He tries to educate the community about proper techniques and usages of nets so that the Dolphins and Turtles dont get caught in them and drown. He travels for hours in a local bus so that he can attend meetings on various issue whether its to do with environment or fishing. He helps plant and grow the mangroves. 
His striking trait was the fact that he is a long term thinker, rare, especially in a rural village like Kalpitiya. 
He could have worked with my company and earned a good income, instead as the head of his Fishing Society he wanted to safeguard the best interest of his community and devised a plan to ensure that the fishermen also benefited from our kitesurfing business. We drafted a plan and now all fishermen who would'nt get an income during the monsoon period now get an income through boat hires and fees. 
I hated him for this at first but then I realized what a really good, sustainable and life giving income stream it is for them, and me. It was win:win. We all win when everyone becomes interdependent.
I want to see his quality of life improve. 
My wish this Christmas is to raise Rs. 150,000 so that; 
1. I can get the walls rendered of his house
2. Floor cemented and polished
3. Walls painted
4. Toilet made
5. One room in his house done up for 'guest' who can live in his place - so that he has an added income
6. Do up his garden
He didnt ask me to do this. He has no idea. 
I will keep adding the list of people who pledge to support. I will have 1 month. Mail me dilsiriw@gmail.com if you want to make a difference to a random person.
So far; 
9 persons have pledged. Mail me dilsiriw@gmail.com if you want to help.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea. How would i get you the 1,000 Sr? Philip W.

dilsiri welikala said...

hi, you can mail me dilsiriw@gmail.com and I send the bank details :)

Dilsiri Welikala said...

wow, 4 years later. sugath now has a nice home, he even has his own place with 6 bungalows. his son is one the best kiters in sri lanka. pretty cool huh :)