Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2013 Season so far in Kalpitiya Sri Lanka

Wow, what a start! The season actually started 1 week later than normal in Kalpitiya (which actually means you we will have a season last till mid October at least). Wind as usual stayed consistent thereafter with a perhaps 3 days of lesser wind. Many days of 30 knots per day from May, June. July has now come and winds average at 18 - 20 knots.
2 awesome Kitesurfing Lanka beach parties were held. Lots of people, lots of fun. Our kitesurfing event we intend to have around the end of August. 
On the community side, Kitesurfing Lanka revived the Pre School Project with David and Janey being instrumental in helping to drive the project. Thanks you guys. We have a wish list for those who wish to make a difference. Please see the community page on www.kitesurfinglanka.com 
Kitesurfing Lanka todate has seen over 200 persons stay with us! Smiley happy people. We are blessed with some awesome staff - God given we must say. Hopefully things will remain the same.
Sri Lanka as a whole is really seeing  a lot of development. Kalpitiya too has its fair share of development. Hopefully it will be managed properly so the innocence of this very special place will not be lost in the name of development and tourism. For you, as a tourist, remember to respect local culture. Respect local businesses that operate and obey the rules of the land. 

Pre School Project in motion!

Suresh our rescue man - the best in Kalpitiya

Local life infused with kiting - pretty special

Flat water spots

Chilled out Hubert on a KSL comfy chair

Interesting people - Mischi (Kitesurfing Lanka Instructor)
started collecting and reconstructing a whale skeleton!

Smiling people - the biggest however must be Susantha's!


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