Monday, December 17, 2012

Mischi Walter - Sri Lanka's Epic Kite Instructor

You know that kiting is his passion. Mischi loves the sport and passionately teaches the sport to his students. Mischi thought me kitesurfing. I remember the day he told me that I might have to chose. That life will never be the same when you learn the sport. I took the challenge and I learnt the sport from him. Perhaps it was his teaching style. Perhaps it was the sport, but perhaps both combined made me hook onto a sport that cannot be compared.

Mischi is Sri Lanka's best kiting instructors. He is a colorful character who has roam ed the world. His adventurous spirit took him to the North of Sri Lanka where he discover Jaffna. Together with his signature VW van which he lets his students sign on, his loving dogs who knows a kiter from a non kiter (!!!) and amazing stories now join with us at Kitesurfing Lanka. For me its an amazing feeling to know that he would like to work with us. Pretty darn stoked at the moment!

Kite Spots in Sri Lanka. Tot ziens in Sri Lanka in 2013. De beste plaats voor kitesurfen. Van mei tot september het waait echt hard!

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