Friday, June 29, 2012

The Red Bull Island Hopping Kite Race 2012

Its just a few days away. The plan for the weekend;

Saturday 7th July
10.30 AM to 12.30 PM
Kite Race
1.00 PM
Upwind Challenge - Make your way back to Kalpitiya Lagoon from Dream Spot
3.00 PM to 5.00 PM
Free ride session in Kalpitiya Lagoon
7.30 PM Onwards
Kite After Party at Divyaa Hotel
Sunday 8th July
11 AM to 1 PM
Big Jump Challenge in Kalpitiya Lagoon
4.00 PM
Awards Ceremony near Kitesurfing Lanka Spot
**Music, Food at beach all day long
  • Transport to the beach side of the lagoon is available. Simply call 0777 968 68
  • Entrace free for the competitions. Free access to party and subsidized meals for competitors
  • Party Tickets for outsiders is Rs. 1000. Available at the gate.
  • Meals could be purchased at the venue.
For Competitors;
Kite Race
  • Riders must attend the Race Director Briefing at 9.00 AM at the Kappalady Lagoon
  • Riding in open ocean is a must
  • All riders must wear the lycra with the jersey number
  • Advanced riders only
  • Free entrance however need to complete the disclaimer
  • Once completed boats will transport riders back to the Kalpitiya Lagoon
USD 575 for the Kite Race Winner
USD 380 for 2nd
USD 190 for 3rd

Route Map
The most trickiest part is once you cross the sand bank into the Kalpitiya Lagoon. The wind will be gusty especially when you go through the passage into the Puttalam Lagoon.

Upwind Challenge
  • A bonus event
  • Make your way from Dream Spot to the Kalpitiya Lagoon and win
USD 190 for winner
Big Jump Event (Sunday)
  • Will be held at the Kalpitiya Lagoon
  • Longest jump wins
USD 190 for winner
If no one completes the upwind challenge then prize money is double for Big Jump Event
For more information on the race contact Kitesurfing Lanka 0773 686 235 or e mail

 With Kitesurfing Lanka you will have an epic time!

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