Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kitesurfing Lanka Season Opener!

It’s been 15 days since we started our epic journey at Kitesurfing Lanka. Quitting the Corporate Sector to pursue what we were made for was totally worth it. We feel we are rocking it and everyone is having a great time in Kalpitiya.

Our ethos is simple. Do to others as you would like someone to do for you. Keep it simple, keep it friendly, genuine care and concern that everyone would have a very special experience with us.

Chef Ranjith continues to make some awesome dishes. Clywd and Thilak do a great job with welcoming the guest and ensuring the camp runs smoothly. Our instructors work hard with dedication. Our boatman Suresh constantly keeps an eye on our riders always ready to rev up the engine to rush for a rescue. What a great team we have had so far.

We remember our first guests, Stefan from the KTA, Wendy and Peter from Holland, Sandra & Ollie, Marcus from the UAE, Aurellie and Charles from France who were so determined to ride on the board, Vivien, David, Sylvie and the brother and sister duo Alan and Jess from Kenya, the Ukrainian and Russian Crew headed by Stefan and Dina….what wonderful company!

A lot of positive feedback has been received. Our camp works well. A few things we need to improve on and this we will act on fast. Our first kite trip which ended last week was a life changing experience for all those who took part.

As the season progresses Kitesurfing Lanka will continue to share in the wonderful experience of Kiting in Paradise, that’s Kiting in Sri Lanka.

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rajivwelikala said...

Great work Dilsiri,

Proud to see my cousin doing what he loves

Hope you get a big enough kite for me :)

Cheers ! and all the best bro