Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kite Community. Make a Change.

Kitesurf Lanka is involved with a very worthwhile local community project providing assistance and financial help to the local Kindergarten school.
The school has been gifted land and already has a small building that provides the early education of approximately fifty local boys and girls. Whilst the building has four walls and a roof it requires further development for it to reach its full potential. The school does not have its own toilet facilities and currently has access to one toilet shared by boys and girls, all fifty of them! The classroom floor is sand based and would benefit from a concrete screed eliminating the constant harassment of sand flies and ants! The classroom furniture is old and tired and does not provide seating and an adequate working area for all children! Whilst it may not be essential in this part of the world there is no electrical supply installed for lighting! Nor is there access to a supply of water! Essential for all the mishaps associated with working with young children. Perhaps most importantly the school lacks educational resources, pencils, paper, text books, toys etc! The essential tools to stimulate and maximize the potential of teaching and learning!
I’d like to think that the clients of Kitesurf Lanka are more than just visitors to this community. In fact for many of us who will undoubtedly return are essentially joining the community in Kalpitiya. This is a totally worthwhile non-profit making community project and as honorary community members we have the means, time and energy to make a big difference. You can help in so many ways to contribute to the initial education of local children! They are young, friendly, enthusiastic learners and as you drive back and forth to the lagoon to enjoy our fortunate lifestyles and hobby, I would ask that you count how many young, curious happy faces you pass by. They need your help, however small, monetary or otherwise you can make a difference.
David Proudfoot – Scotland

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