Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Epic Kite Trips with Kitesurfing Lanka

Kitesurf Lanka Downwinder!

Once the boat was loaded with all our gear, food and refreshments for the day the trip commenced with a short one hour boat ride North! Passing local fisherman and remote coastal villages everyone enjoyed the scenery with an increasing sense of anticipation of what the day had in store.

We set up on a small spit of land with the local fisherman looking on with friendly curiosity! The wind was blowing strong and constant and we began the downwind leg on smooth glassy water tempting everyone to extend their skills!

When the inevitable wipe outs occurred the boat was always around to provide assistance if required. Between the islands the small channels provided some variety in the water conditions, changing from flat to choppy conditions!

Reaching our destination we stopped to enjoy a well prepared lunch before getting back on the water for an afternoon of fun. With the local fisherman encouraging us we performed for them with increasing cheers and laughter when we failed to land a jump or trick. Exhausted from three hours of perfect wind and flat conditions we packed up for the ride back upwind stoked with the days events.

Being a Scotsman I queried the cost of this trip (70 Euros) but in hindsight it is perhaps the expense and experience I have had kiting to date. I would recommend this trip to anyone. The scenery, kiting, local people and service was simply awesome! Enjoy

David Proudfoot from Scotland

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