Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Historic Great Crossing of the Adams Bridge!

The Great Crossing was a historic event which consisted of a select group of kiters attempting to cross the Adam's Bridge. Intially envisioned to cross from India to Sri Lanka, due to the sensitive situation between India & Sri Lankan waters the event was run  on the Sri Lankan territorial waters.

The event was  powered by Elements (Pioneer company for Kiting in Sri Lanka), Faith Kiteboarding, Red Bull, Edelwisse Air & TNL Radio. The following riders participated;
Marcel Bobay - Switzerland
Laurent Bobay - Switzerland
Marco Weidermann - Germany
Rolf Friedli - Switzerland
Urs Vollendweider - Switzerland
Dilsiri Welikala - Sri Lanka
Frank Ulmer - Sri Lanka/ Germany
Geza Scholtz - Switzerland
Andre Scholtz - Switzerland
Kathrin Borgwardt - Germany
Pascal Leppin
Helmut Stadler
Peter Flower - England
Anny Barlow - Hawaii
The next epic crossing will be help in the near future - make sure you will be part of it! Await official photos and videos. Pictures courtesy Elements Watersports & Nature found HERE!

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