Monday, February 13, 2012

Fuel Hikes - A Good Thing? Think Positive!

Well, this means less people want to travel because of the high cost. Lower the carbon footprint. More people will look at alternative modes of transportation.
Such as?
  1. Kitesurfing - Pure, fun, fast.
  2. Cycling - Excercise, cheaper than kiting and less set up time.
  3. Walking - The cheapest though can be tough when its hot especialy these days.
  4. Stand Up Paddle Surfing or Kayaking - Imagine that, Mount Lavinia to Colombo each morning, you dont even need to shower!
  5. Or if you are really lazy, rent a bullock cart!

Visit - if you need to learn the sport!
More fun, more enjoyment!

Will this become a reality in Sri Lanka?

The new road signs.
Alternative modes!

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