Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reviving Sri Lanka’s Surfing Destinations – Mount Lavinia

Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka is one of the first locations where surfing originated in Sri Lanka. The local crew, a handful of hardcore beach lovers flipped through magazines and books in the 1960s and made their own surfboards. Slowly but surely they started exploring the South Coast of Sri Lanka, eventually the East and surfing thus gained popularity in the country. 
Fast forward to the present, Mount Lavinia has not seen much surfing until a generous gesture by Paddle 4 Relief’s donation through the Surfing Federation of Sri Lanka a few months ago.  The 7 second hand surf boards were received by the local boys who intend to repair, learn and eventually teach the sport to others in turn earning an additional income for themselves.  

The boys aged from 15 to 30 don’t have much. They have no guidance and support and surfing will be a tool which will be used to make a change for the better. They live in the little houses by the side of railroad in Mount Lavinia. They are exposed to all the dangers that youth face, only multiplied much more.

 A tough life, but not one without hope.

Sri Lanka’s 3 time Olympian – Julian Bolling will assist as a mentor to make a change. The boards are our tool. Thanks to this donation from P4R we will utilize these tools to create something great out these boys. We will teach them the sport, support them with gear and hopefully see them competing and bringing Sri Lanka its first medal in the sport of surfing. A far-fetched idea but not an impossible one. All it takes is belief, care and encouragement.

These boards are the first steps toward making the change and a start of something great within the West Coast Surfing and Sri Lanka.

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