Monday, August 8, 2011

Vlad, the chilled out Kiter Speaks

Vlad is the most chilled out Australian I have met. Took to kiting and was totally hooked. Do come back Vlad, Kappalady awaits your arrival and coffee making skills! Ps: We'll get your kite sorted asap!

This is what he had to say; 'If you want to learn how to kitesurf, it really helps to have a good location and a great teacher. Tick and tick. I took two lessons with Dil, and the thing you really notice about him is his passion and enthusiasm for teaching. He just wants to teach people how to kitesurf.

He was very patient with me and extremely perceptive. His tips on technique and minor details that could be improved got me up and riding in no time. I ended up buying a Faith Kite and staying by the lagoon for 3 weeks of blissful kiting. 

I would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to learn how to kitesurf to come to beautiful Kalpitiya and get a few lessons with Dil'.

Vlad with Ajmal in the background

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