Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Biking along the Kalu Ganga!

We didnt expect to have so much fun (and drama). The scenery was breathtaking, no cars - just cycling along the banks of the Kalu Ganga in Kaluthara, Sri Lanka.

Had a bit of drama when the chain broke. We had to improvise tools to make it (temporarily) but all in all loads of fun. When there's no wind, waves and the water is to murky for diving; why not just go cycling!

The duo with fishermen with USA hat

Broken chain repair. Always repair with a smile.


Alex said...

I lived on the bank of Kalu Ganga for 5 yrs, on Clyd Estate. Guess you have come there

sbarrkum said...

Theres another similar ride along the Gin-Ganga galle.

Take the Hikkaduwa-Baddegama road. At the Gonapinuwala Junction (has a clock tower) continue going straight. The road goes to Ginimellagaha - Telikada. Ask along the way as there are many intersections. At Telikada the right hand turn is a gravel road that goes along the Gin-Ganga. If you cross the bridge the bund is tarred and the right hand turn will take you to Galle. The falls into the Galle-Wackwella road.

Anonymous said...

wow super! must try it! Dil