Friday, April 8, 2011

A Whale of a Time!

What a great time we had with Rajesh who spearheads Raja and the Whales in Mirissa, Sri Lanka. He is very knowledgabel about the subject matter and certainly is very caring about the animals unlike most other tour operators.

Our day started at 7.00 AM with a cup of tea on the boat thereafter travelling for 1.5 hours to the main breeding ground of the whales. On the way Rajesh took time to explain to us the details pertaining to the whales and their location. Its was very interesting.

His boat is very large and pretty cool to travel on. I wont recommend anyone going on a smaller boat. Rajesh continued to stress the importance of maintaining a safe distance from the whales in order to refrain from disturbing their behaviour. To our dismay other tour operators just tried to scrambble nearer to the whales and scared them away. If you are on one of those 'irresponsible' boats please advice them to maintain a safe distance from the magnificient animal.

After about 6 whale sightings and 1000 dolphins we had breakfast on the boat. The boat reached the Mirissa Harbour around 1 PM. Next time you think about Whale Watching, just contact Rajesh (+94 - 77 695 3452) . You wont regret it. Visit

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