Sunday, March 14, 2010

Conquered, Tangalle with a Kite!

The kite craze just continues in Sri Lanka. After ditching the Hikkaduwa Beach fest to go Kitesurfing, the guys now ditched the Royal Thomian Cricket Match to go kitesurfing in Tangalle. The weekend had added flavour with French Kitesurfer, Leo marvelling the crowd in Tangalle.
Tangalle is a nice, chilled out beach town and the unspoiled beaches of Rakawa are something that stems out of a postcard. Kiting in front of the Kingfisher was a bit tricky with the electricity lines and coconut trees but once that was overcomed, then the real fun began!
Leo, looking forward to having another kite session with you. Aurore, prepare yourself, the lessons (Kiting) are nearer than you think. Morgan and Sophie...the community must admit, we love French Food! (Hint Hint)!


Kirigalpoththa said...
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Kirigalpoththa said...

whoaaa!! how did you take that second pic?

dilsiriw said...

:) swam into the sea with my digi cam and fins!

Acksop said...

Wow ! When blue water are around me I forgot that I was in front of snow.
Weather is one of the most beautiful kind of Nature.
Wind is agile !
Next step !

Amila Kanchana said...

What a wonderful life, way to go!