Monday, December 14, 2009

The Hardcore Surf Gang of Sri Lanka!

When there's no wind, what do kitesurfers do? Well, they go surfing! Its funny how Sri Lanka has soooooo much water and beautiful oceans and not many know how to swim! Anyway, the kiters now turned surfers will surf until the winds are back. We must admit, surfing is pretty cool too. Pretty cool, not as cool as kitesurfing though.
It was nice meeting new people on this trip. Laura being one of them. Next weekend, we'll be there again Laura, don't forget to get the bbq ready!!! BTW Laura, check this link out - click on the title of this post.


Hilal said...

I just happened to stumble upon this post. One of the blokes on the photo went to the same school as I did, or maybe both, second one looks familiar too!

dilsiriw said...

well, 1st one is Dinesh Rahim - rugby player now contemplating to learn surfing (RC), 2nd is Dilsiri Welikala - also played rugby (STC) but now just enjoys the beach! you are not hilal hashim?

dilsiriw said...

Oh, and ofcourse Julian Bolling - he's the one surfing in the first pictures. I dont think he needs an into.....

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