Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kitesurfing Intro Weekend – 3rd and 4th October 2009

We have got 2-3 free slots for Kitesurf Training. The conditions are very good. Details are as follows;

Trainer: Mischi Walter (Swiss National)
Dates: Saturday 3rd to Sunday 4th October 2009
Place: North of Negombo

Accommodation, Transportation (surf style VW van!) are all included in the package. You may opt for budget, mid range or luxury accommodation.

You need to confirm by Friday morning the latest. Call Mischi direct for details 0775 748 361.


Keshini said...

Mischi is SUPPA... He waited with me until I got a feel for the kite and can manage on my own... I would highly recommend Mischi as a teacher... and this is definitely a sport any one can do.. all you need is the will to stick by it and learn... don't get disheartened with a few minor falls or drags... its all part of the fun :D

dilsiriw said...

:) true, he is the best!

Anonymous said...

and what has the nationality of the trainer got to do with it ?

dilsiriw said...

well, the nationality doesnt have to do much with regard to competence...perhaps i stated it because I felt that people might just wonder from what country Mischi hails from...dont get tooo stressed about :)