Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Seeduwa/Negombo Lagoon - CONQUERED (had to answer to the SL Navy though)

The wind was good, however the day started and ended kinda badly. First I realised I had taken the wrong 14M kite - which had a puncture! I had to manage with a 9M to fly right across the 2 - 3 KM stretch of lagoon! Amazing session and for the first time, fellow watersports enthusiast Mondy joined with his Windsurfing setup. Must have been the first time in History of the Lagoon that a Kitesurfer and Windsurfer sailed together side by side. Mondy did go faster and had a lenghtier session today because.... Had to ditched the kite on the other side of the lagoon and take it to shore - not enough wind for the 9M. Must have been a sight and I think I created some hype to a sleepy fishing village walking through it with a entire setup of kitegear and dripping Ripcurl board shorts. The attention led me to be reported as 'suspicious' and had to answer to the Sri Lanka Navy on what I was doing etc. After a 3 hour Q&A session I was finally let loose...alas, the wind had died by then. This weekend, Kalpitiya - here we come. Hangloose.