Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The winds are coming! Yahoooo!

2 Hours Kiting in Mount Lavinia - Nice wind for a 9M. Its coming people, its coming, the winds are coming and we'll be kiting again...Porno, Kitesurfing is Porno....Just in case you dont have wind where you are, maybe you should try this for a thrill! Galle Blogger, wanna join? (Source for pic :http://faithofholland.com/A.%20Galle%20(113).JPG)


Anonymous said...

i hadn't seen the post when u told me about it, but i was spot on, hu?
no thx tho'... especially if it's low tide lol!
erm..i'd rather go w/surfing and it looks god for tmoro! fishing was crap tday... ripped a 25 kg golia yesterday... i'm still pissed...

dilsiriw said...

hey gb, dont be so hard on yourself. haha, yes you were spot on.....hmmm, tempted to come up but but but....christmas stuff....sucks....oh well. maybe the weekend after....i also want to tag along and try fishing. lets see if the weekend might work. tc gb.