Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Claims

  • Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka is still at its very elementary stage. Only a handful of instructors run courses in safe conditions. I have met two individuals who have come to Sri Lanka for kitesurfing and have become very dissapointed due to the 'claims' made about their knowledge of the sport and spots.
  • If ever you want to learn the sport, make sure your instructor has the proficiency and do not be afraid to do a background check on them. Kitesurfing is an extremely sport and should be thought in very secure and hazard free conditions to minimize risk of injury.
  • In terms of spots, not all of Sri Lanka enjoys good winds or nice wide beaches for easy launches etc. Inspite of what some websites claim 'that they have excellent wind for kitesurfing' its not always true. A safer bet for you would be check the wind conditions yourself and plan your trip. Windguru is a good site.
  • Valdamire, hope you have a more pleasant session when you visit Sri Lanka. Hangloose.

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