Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Weekend - What a waste!

The author didnt go kitesurfing this weekend as he had a lunch plan with some school friends but the darn thing got postponed 3 hours prior to the appointment! arhhhhh, I should have just gone kitesurfing....darn, what a waste of a weekend.....oh well, now I know......if its a choice between lunch with friends and kitesurfing......haha......I know what the choice would be.
The Hikka season is coming soon. Cant wait to ride up there with Mads and Dinesh.....hmmmm. Anyone interested, get in touch with us :-) kitesurfing is PORNO!

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Anonymous said...

today i'm going (third day in succession) for a blast and i'm missing a wedding.... i hardly ever let ANYTHING stop me from w/surfing!!! heehehe
p.s. VER good wind these last 3 days in galle, coming?