Monday, August 11, 2008

Kitesurfing - How they get hooked (Part1)

Thought it might be interesting to see how fellow Lankan kitesurfers got into the sport. We all know how Mads from Hikka got hooked. Lets look at another, me!

Was in the year 2007 when my friend Previne asked me to come with for a Kitesurfing Camp. Knowing what the sport was, my answer was a simple big fat YES! Later on did we realize how expensive it was for a local. We however sacrificed the remainder of our months earnings and headed for the camp.

The camp itself was amazing with loads of hardcore kitesurfers. Unfortunately for Previne and I, the closest we got (apart from watching the kitesurfers in the lagoon and sea)was to have a go at the trainers kites and later a short session on a large 13M kite (just body dragging).

We were a bit disspointed as we did'nt quite become kitesurfers at the end of camp however, it did give impetus to pursue learning the sport. Months after the camp, I decided to buy my gear and thereafter start on my lessons (newcomers to the sport, always to the opposite, do the lessons and then buy gear!).

As some of you are aware, Mischi was my coach, my guru. Took me a couple of weeks to actually get on the board and start surfing. Actually it took me weeks plus a few sessions with the doctor (after suffering from heat stroke and dehydration!), hours spend on the hot sand untangling lines and a couple of near death experiences!

Months after, I continue to learn and believe I have a long way more to go to reach the standards of the kites Previne and I first saw in 2007. For those who want to try it out, do take the plunge, just do it, you live only once and life is about how you live and experience it!

Question - What made you get hooked?
Pretty hard to explain. Something in the lines like I always wanted to fly and surf...kitesurfing combined both...the joy of harnessing the raw power of nature to propel one's self through water and air...highly addictive.

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