Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kitesurfing Escapades - 16th & 17th August

Most of you City Dwellers missed out again. Kitesurfing was a blast this weekend. Downwinders at Sunset, Camping under the full moon....and and and...The kiteboard company North AKA GS Lanka had a company outing this weekend at same venue. Fun to see the employees playing with the stuff they made...

For those who were not aware, yes, Kites are made in Sri Lanka! Few more weeks of wind to enjoy, must make the most of it. Cant wait for the weekend. Enjoy the pics.
Mihiri, Hannes with his prototype kite


Anonymous said...

I'wasantha, Employee from GS lanka (kite manufacturing firm in Sri Lanaka) It is encorraging us that some sri lanakan on the board. We Are too getting train.

good luck

dilsiriw said...

hi there wasantha!

hope to see you on a board soon! no use making kites if you dont fly them right :)



Anonymous said...

Yes! you are right.
wasantha (