Sunday, July 27, 2008

Buba Mount Lavinia VS XXX

Tough choice this week, do we go kitesurfing in XXX where the wind is pretty much hardcore at 27 knots and touching 30 knots OR do we stay behind, talk to the press and do a bit of surfing in Mount.

Choice made, stayed at Mount while half went up north. Was it worthwhile? We think so, both ways. Kitesurfing is such an awesome sport. Its hard to express in words. The power of nature, the wind, waves coupled with the human body can do wonders.

Hmm, cant wait for next week...Hikka Beach Fest? Nah, we'd be in XXX where the wind is! Hang loose!

Ps. Learnt the importance of a a huge bump on the head having been wacked by the kiteboard! The pic, is Mischi doing an ariel in XXX!

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